Business card website

Creating a small site consisting of only a few pages is a fairly quick process. It is the best option for those who need to post basic information about the company, activities. Traditionally, 5 pages are enough. Before designing the website the customer gives his detailed replies on a set of brief questions, as it helps to understand the specifics of his activities, as well as figure out the questions to be answered by this site.

Site objective:

A personal representative in the web

Information about the company

Information about the product, offered by the company

Contact information allocation

The website components

There are different approaches to creation of a small website. Depending on your goals, this website can be either a valuable asset, or simply meaningless.

What do you need to know before placing your order to create a site:

2-5 pages of basic information about the company

concise introductory content

unique website design

your own representation in the web

What do you need to know when creating a website:

1The main features of the business card website
These virtual pages, in fact, are no different from cardboard and plastic business cards, which doesn’t need for example a nice site interactive gallery. Low cost limits, efficiency of implementation, the minimum requirements for hosting, fast loading pages, limitless possibilities in design — those are main requirements for such site.
2Website design
You can afford experimentation and freedom in terms of design, if you know how to create a business card website. This doesn’t work with more complex projects, equipped with sophisticated management systems, online shops that are restricted by the architecture of the site.
3The site management system
Business card sites are based on modern technology, with successfully implemented control system, which means that you can edit the information posted on this site if you have at least some skills in working with PC.
4 Regular content update
face of your business in the eyes of internet users, so you should take care of the timely updating information and publishing fresh material. You can update some articles or catalog section or portfolio. You can post news or inform your customers about the announcements and promotions of your company. It is important to update your site regularly and not make it look like a “dead zone” on the Internet.
5Opportunities of a business card website
Its primary weapon is minimalism — the ability to get a point to say the main thing. A small amount of content allows the site to load instantly and to place something truly spectacular on its pages. One of the latest trends in the world wide web is to create a business card website for a variety of promotional companies and due to its almost infinite possibilities in terms of design. We know how to create a website, to develop the potential of your business and your personality!