Corporate web design

How to achieve the result?

We make your website user-friendly and implement creative features, integrate, test, launch, analyze the results, make adjustments and get a good working project!


We analyse your market and monitor all potential competitors to make the best site.


Your website will never be similar to any other site. The desing will be developed in accordance with the themes of your goods or services.


The latest standards are implemented. The website will work maximally fast and properly in all browsers.


Before starting, the site is tested thoroughly to get bugs detected and corrected.

Our technology expertise

  • Design. Development of a unique and exclusive design
    Interface design of the future site. Thought out usability. Matching of the graphic elements, fonts, colors, individually themed icons implemented on the site.
  • Content management system (CMS)
    CMS – Content Management System is used for the process of self-creation, editing and management of content (photos, pages, products, categories, news, etc.).
  • Blog, news
    It allows you to display news in different blocks of the site.
  • Statistics
    Connection to Google Analytics or Yandex Metrika at your choice to view information on shopping, referral sources, etc.
  • Road map
    Connecting the Interactive zoomable Google or Yandex map to show directions to the office.
  • Video on any page of the site
    It allows you to add video anywhere on the site.
  • Rotator slideshow
    Helps to show special offers, news and opportunities by changing the images with different effects.
  • Stemming search engine
    It allows you to search on any information in different categories.
  • Button “Share in social networks”
    It allows customers to share a link to your shop using their accounts in social networks. This button is sually placed on each product or information page (news services).
  • Climb up button
    It allows any time surfing the site to quickly return to the top.
  • Feedback form
    It allows your customers to send messages from the site, for example, to specify additional information about the services.
  • Creating a sitemap
    Creating a sitemap for faster work with search engines like Google.

Company website development

As the majority of people look for various services in internet, it is a “must have” now to have your own website, if you have a business. If you read this page, you surely want to extend your business, and this is a right decision!

If you contact us, you will get:

Creating a corporate website

Development of creative web design concept

Integrated approach to solving of business problems

Reliable partner who cares about your business online

Components of successful corporate site:

1 Effective interface
Corporate websites design should not only be attractive and reflect the characteristics of the company. It also has to be user friendly. Harmonious interface of websites allows you to achieve high efficiency of your web project, making it not just another page on the World Wide Web, but also a platform that satisfies assigned to it business objectives.
2 Stability and reliability
The effectiveness of a site depends on how well it works. The majority of users don’t want to see a Web page error message instead of the page they need. They just go to other companies websites that work well. We can provide your web project with a full range of services, including high-quality hosting, reliable CMS and timely technical support.
3 matching the needs of target audience
For what purpose will people come to your site? Looking to meet their needs! Therefore, it is important to make sure that each visitor gets all the answers, finds necessary information, sends you a request etc.
4 Regular content update
face of your business in the eyes of internet users, so you should take care of the timely updating information and publishing fresh material. You can update some articles or catalog section or portfolio. You can post news or inform your customers about the announcements and promotions of your company. It is important to update your site regularly and not make it look like a “dead zone” on the Internet.
After launching the project in the network, it is important to consider the further marketing activities through which you will attract the target audience to the site. You can promote your website in search engines (SEO), use contextual advertising, e-mail marketing, reputation management online and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Corporate site development includes a number of stages:

A corporate site development begins from the acquaintance with the customer and his business

Our manager arranges meetings with the customer and clears up the details of his business and special aspects of the market

A very importang thing: an image of a targeted audience is created

We deeply “dive” into the business of our clients