Internet portal is a website that contains a variety of interactive services (search engine, mail, news, forums, services, voting, etc.). The more interesting and useful information a user can find on the resource, the more people will read it every day. We know how to create an online portal with high traffic. The structure of the Internet portal is very branched, it contains a large number of references and thousands of partitions. Depending on the topic, we are creating an Internet portal with an individual structure. For example, a tourism portal will differ from a literature portal very much. Only a team of professionals can create an internet portal on high level. We will create a web portal that will be an effective tool for your business.

Tasks of internet portal

Creating of an effective media

Promotion of a brand, product or service

Introducing the company’s business to its target audience

Formation of public opinion about a product or service

Special features of a portal

If you want to create a website where you can virtually store unlimited volumes of data, you have to create an Internet portal. We create an Internet portal with all the necessary conditions for you:

possibility for users to interact with the site

information quality control

convenient site navigation

presence of forums, chat, comments

Kinds of internet portals

Such an internet portal is accessible and understandable to everyone
It contains information is available only to certain users.
It means that it is visited not only by users from our country, but from Australia, France, Brazil and other countries as well
4 Regional
Available only for a certain part of population, is generally limited with language barrier
An Internet portal devoted to narrow and specific topics (motorists or poetry lovers portals)
Number of topics on this web portal is absolutely unlimited

Stages of internet portal creating

  • 1Development of technical specifications
  • 2Development of the future portal architecture

  • 3Design-layout development and working it out with the customer
  • 4Content creation and making up the website

  • 5Programming
  • 6Testing of working version

  • 7Editing and starting the project