Landing page

Effective advertising and online business are impossible without a landing page. This page is very important because the user “lands” there after clicking on the link, or after entering a search term or through the banner.

A landing page is the kind of “presentation” for your website. It largely depends on whether the visitor will stay on your site or will continue his search of something better on the other resources (i.e., competitors). The main task is to motivate the user and make him stay on your site, that is why the landing page is one of the most important tasks when working on a resource.

Our considerable experience in this field is a guarantee that we are able to create a high-quality landing page. We will not accept templates. You can be sure that your landing page will be a unique one.

What should you pay attention to when creating a landing page?

  • 1Our aim are target transitions. You don’t need visitors that aren’t going to order anything.
  • 2Therefore the first priority when starting work on the landing page is to determine the target audience of your business, its interests, list of queries that will bring users to your website.

  • 3Note that some requests are inappropriate and should be declined. For example: with the word “logistics” “essays on logistics” may be used, and if you are providing logistics services, there is no use of such visitors.
  • 4He same is the advertising. Visitors should come to Your landing page from the “right” places, i.e. resources used by the target audience.

So, a user came to your site. What is he going to see?

Creating a landing page means development of a small site, usually consisting of one page. The number of pages depends on the number of your services. If you are providing only one kind of services or sell only one product (or group of products), one page will be enough. In contrast, if you sell several different products or services, then a resource consisting of multiple pages is required.

But as a rule the resource consists of one single landing page.

What does a selling landing page consist of?

  • 1This web-page has a header, which describes why the buyer has to make that purchase. The header is the first thing a visitor will see. He needs a motivation to stay on your site.
  • 2Then usually a subtitle follows. It reveals the essence of the main header. However, it should also be short and informative.

  • 3Visual image is an important element of the landing too. Its main task is to motivate to commit the desired action (usually a purchase). Those photos and images are necessary for visual presentation of goods or services. These pages shouldn’t be overloaded with designer tidbits.
  • 4Typically, the information on such web pages is presented in units. The text should be easy to understand without any distracting visual elements.

  • 5In addition to the visual components, such sites vitally need effective short texts without complicated terminology and long sentences. Usually the texts describe the advantages of purchase. Sometimes some quotes and reviews from satisfied customers are also added there.
  • 6Also the landing page implies a call to action. The buttons “Order”, “Buy”, “Subscribe” are the finishing touch to this online page. If all the other elements work well, then a regular website visitor will become your new customer.

Note that as usual this call to action is directly linked to the registration form. We strive it to be the simple and concise. No one wants to lose their time filling out complicated forms (plus many very wary of sharing their personal data).

Creating a landing page needs careful attention to lots of details. If you don’t want to see any templates but to have a personalized unique site and successful online business – contact us.

How do we achieve the result?

By simple interface design, creative features implementation, programming, integrating, testing, launching, analysing the results, making adjustments and finally getting a good working project!

1 Research
The market is analysed. Monitoring of all possible competitors.
2 Presentation
Only the most important and accurate information is used to create the page.
3 Design
Developing of an individual design in accordance with the subject product or service.
4 Development
The most recent standards are introduced so the website will be quick and work properly in all browsers.
5 Testing
Before launching, the site is thoroughly tested before its launching to identify and correct the bugs.

Geo targeting

Geo targeting is a method of issuing of content for a user corresponding to his geographical position.

It allows:

  • to determine the visitor’s location and to display information (title, action, phone number, etc.) specifically for his place of residence.
  • to show the best offers for that specific city, so the visitor will see that you are focused on his city/region.
  • to increase multiply the effectiveness of your landing page due to the accurate display of your ad in a search engine query.

What does a selling landing page include?

A selling header

The header on this web-page describes the main consumer value, that is why the customer has to make that purchase. The header is the first thing a visitor will see. This is the motivation for him to remain on the site.

Visual image

It’s main task is a call to action. As a rule high resolution images for visual presentation of goods or services are used. These pages shouldn’t be overloaded by design solutions.


Then usually a subtitle follows which reveals the essence of the main header in more details. However, it should also be short and informative.

Sales text

The texts shouldn’t be complicated by terminology and long sentences. Usually the texts describe the advantages of buying. Sometimes they are supplemented by reviews and quotes from happy customers.