Logo projects

If your company has a bright and easy to remember logo, it will have a positive effect on your business.

Why should a logo be created carefully and what stages does the process of creating logo consists of?

There are several important stages creating of a logo consists of. We always do the following:

  • 1carefully study last trends and developments in your business area
  • 2analyze your main competitors and study their strategies

  • 3study your desires and needs
  • 4draw a portrait of your target customer

  • 5analyze strong ans weak sides of your company

What tasks does a logo perform?

A logo should be very recognizable

Seeing your logo people have to feel trust and admiration towards your company

A perfect logo reflects the character of your company and field of its activity

What result do you get?

  • 1A logo designed by a professional that meets all your requirements
  • 2Your logo will be desinged in color space (CMYK) for printing

  • 3We use color space (RGB), so you will be able to to use your logo in multimedia
  • 4You will get our recommendations for use your logo

  • 5We give you all sourse files needed for printing and Internet
  • 6You wil get several examples of your logo printed