Mobile sites development

We definitely know how to develop good mobile sites. And we know that your mobile site has to be at the highest level in order to convert your visitors into buyers. Even the most beautiful website that looks great on a computer, but is not adapted to modern gudgets can decrease your company’s profitability. We offer you development of a qualitative mobile website for your business.


Sites adaptation to mobile devices

Development of mobile sites from the ground up

Creating a site design for IOS and Android

Mobile version programming

Why is it so important to have a mobile site?

Access to solvent audience

Popularity of mobile devices is growing rapidly

Even more people use internet via smartphone

Mobile webite helps you to keep up with modern times

Importance of a qualitative mobile website

Adaptive web design

Statistics shows that more than 30% of users surf in the Internet using mobile devices, it can be a tablet or smartphone. At the same time they do not just spend time in social networks. They look for some products and services and are engaged in online shopping. They do the same they do on standard personal computers. The main problem of mobile sites is that they are often displayed not correctly. Pictures, buttons or text can appear in wrong places, you can often face this problem when you use a mobile device. That’s why it is extremely important to have a qualitative mobile version of your website. Perfect usability, great content, best prices and attractive catalog work only if they look perfect on the screen of a mobile device. Only if you are aware of the importance of a good mobile website and have a really good one, a potential customer will stay with your company.

Why is using of a mobile website so convenient for your customers?

1Target audience extension
A potential customer can open your website on any mobile device in any browser. It is very easy, so your products and services are always accessible for him.
2Quickly loads
A webpage loads very quickly, because all unnecessary elements are eliminated: flash animation, images with high resolution or other mobile content taboos.
A mobile website will help you to keep up with modern times. Mobility is an important trend now, therefore the development of a website mobile version is a necessary attribute for any self-respecting company and its users.
4Conversion optimization
If visiting of your website trigger only positive emotions by your visitors, its effectiveness grows up rapidly. Internet users want to continue shopping on this site and their baskets are filled with a variety of goods.

What do we offer you?

Our company is engaged in web development for over 4 years, that’s why we can guarantee a perfect adaptation of your website to mobile devices. We offer several solutions to make your business accessible on mobile devices:

Website adaptation to Ipad, Iphone or Android

Android is a very popular platform now, so this will help you to win new customers.

Development of mobile sites from the ground up

If your customers are progressive and use various mobile devices, development of a unique mobile website will be the best solution for you.

Mobile site design

Our designers will offer you creative solutions how to make your mobile site beautiful and user-friendly. They will explore the concept of your brand and wiil offer you several graphical solutions on this basis.

Mobile site programming

You can also provide us with ready-made layouts from your designers and we just develop the site on this basis.

Quality assurance

Our company’s specialists help your site to become more popular and get a steady flow of new customers from the mobile Internet. Care of your potential customers is not a luxury but a reasonable necessity now.

Business analytics of your project

Adapting a website to mobile devices is a process that requires a deep understanding of consumer’s behavior in the mobile internet. We analyze the behavior of your website’s users and work on improving it.

The main stages of development

  • 1Analysis of users visits
  • 2Making up of technical enquiry

  • 3Architectural Design
  • 4Development of design

  • 5Layout and programming
  • 6Filling the site

  • 7Control and starting the project