Interface and making up

Do you plan to create a large-scale web project or a mobile application? Do you want to redesign an existing project? Do you need to add a new feature to startup? Is conversion of your online store below the desired level? It means that your project needs a professional interface design!

What will you get?

You will spend less time and money for developing

Your customers’ loyalty will be increased

Web design conversion will rise

Behavioral factors of the site will be up

Interface design: milestones

First of all, we define goals and objectives of your business, study the subject area of your product, analyze the competition and target audience. We identify problems and seek solutions.
Then we structure information. We make up the structure and hierarchy of webpages and describe all features of the future product.
Next we draw a sketch on paper that reflects approximate location of all units. Then we agree it with you and create a dynamic interactive in Axure that allows to see the future project interface. After that we create a beautiful and modern design. We can offer our supervision at the stage of design and layout and writing technical specifications.