E-commerce solutions

Online shopping became a part of our everyday routine and more and more people are preferring its comfort to attending brick-and-mortar stores and the resent statistics show that Ukrainian online sales increased on 65% during the recent year. This fact proves the prospectiveness of such business. If you are ready to start selling your goods online we are ready to assist you in doing it right by providing not only a safe and stable online store web-site but constant consulting services on each and every stage of establishing your business in the World Wide Web.

On the first sight it seems that a seller doesn’t need any special efforts for creating an online store. One doesn’t need to pay for accommodations, numerous staff salaries. It looks like as soon as you have your online shop website allocated you are going to start earning money. But in real it is a huge work both of a developer and his customer.

What are the main stages of their collaboration?


Planning, which includes meeting with the customer, acquaintance with the main principles of his business, performing the analysis of the market and potential competitors, and finally setting goals and objectives of the future project which will result in making an efficient online store.


Commercial solution which is a documentary manual which is going to be resulted in collaborative project by the customer and the team of developers (designers, programmers, testers, project managers etс.)


The most creative stage in the end of which the ready and tested online store is filled with the content, receives a registered domain name and hosting allocation.


Site optimization and getting higher ranks in search engines which is vital for attracting potential customers.

What does an online store need for efficient functioning?

  • Usable design
  • Trouble-free running
  • Shopping search engine
  • All the details about the goods
  • Marketing activity
  • High-quality service